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First person restaurant tycoon

Post Apoc... eeh Alpha!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for downloading and playing the Alpha. Got some interesting bugs to fix and very good feedback about the gameplay. Let me give you an idea/roadmap of the game and tell you a little more about the current state. Clearly, the game currently only has about 10 minutes of gameplay. There is so much more coming!

The game will feature a lot of tycoon elements. Buying new machines, furniture and other upgrades for your shop will be the main goal of the game, besides getting customers happy. Don't expect to jump into a complete coffee stall in the next update. The implementation of these systems will be the main focus for a while, so that the game can reach a beta state.

To support the gameplay the following features are planned, yet subject to change:

Ill keep you updated trough this website. If you haven't yet, download the alpha on

Hello Beans!

So we got this website up. We had to. The alpha is coming next monday, and I can't wait to get feedback from you guys! For now, have this picture of a cat. #devlogcoming

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Will there be multiplayer?

This is currently not planned.

Can I play this in VR?

The game requires a lot of walking. I don't have the space or tech for it.

When can I play this game?

The alpha is currently out on

How about the update?

I hope to have a big update this year, though it might be January.

Will this game be Windows only?

In the beta stages, Windows will be the main platform. Linux/OSX builds might be available in time.

Can I play this game with my controller?

In the beta stages, I'm supporting the Xbox controller on Windows.

Can you tell me more about the game?

Yes! Drop in on Twitch or send me a Tweet.